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This is a community for everyone who's ever heard a song and felt directly connected to it. such as, they hear the song and it speaks what's going on in their lives. Anyone is free to join. just a little bit of rules for posting.

~Post lyrics and their relevance to you.
~If you do post just lyrics, at least ask how they relate to someone or something like that, to at least spark conversation.
~I beg of you on this one, if there is a string of emotionally down lyrics, someone please try and post at least one semi-decent one, i don't want to be down all the time.
~Even tho this is more of a lyrics community... if you feel the urge to post pics, and any sort of pics, i don't mind them at all, just be kind and put them behind an LJ cut, if you don't know how ask.
~If you think someone's lyrics are stupid or you just don't like them, don't mock, just keep quiet.
~But if you find something offensive, tell me, i'll take care of it.
~Be true to how you feel through the lyrics.

Alright, now that that is out of the way, we can get this party started. Old lyrics, new lyrics, your own lyrics, share them all.